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Is there a Paul in our midst?

Today’s reading from Acts reminds me that Paul was a fierce opponent of Jesus followers and to his colleagues and contemporaries, his conversion was more than confusing, it was disruptive and threatened their power base. They had relied on Saul … Continue reading

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Any given Sunday

Just a minute or two to reflect. I woke this morning in Malta, in the Ballutta Bay region, with every intention of making it to early morning Mass at the Parish Church Our Lady Of Mount Carmel across the street. … Continue reading

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What’s in a (nick) name?

I gave a lot of thought to the naming of my children. I considered things like tradition, family customs, uniqueness, two syllables at most – I was big on that one – didn’t want others nicknaming them.  I had grown … Continue reading

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Getting to know Paul

Several months ago I participated in step one of the wider diocesan process of electing a new bishop in what is called ‘Walkabouts’.  The purpose of Walkabouts is for clergy, delegates and members of the Episcopal Church in one region … Continue reading

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