Moses gets a facial?

Well, that’s what many might wonder if they knew Moses personally and in this day and age. Away for a ‘spa weekend’ they might have considered their fearless leader’s time on the mountaintop –  time he said he needed in order to be alone and with God.   And when he had returned with his face aglow, they were sure to have wondered what treatment he received, what he had done that made his skin look so refreshed, alight and good.

The thought that a one-on-one conversation with God had taken place would likely not have occurred, even aware as they might be of their friend’s intention to be alone and with Him.

And the fear that the Israelite’s expressed (Exodus) when looking upon the shining face of Moses not felt, so blinded by the contemporary cultural understanding that refreshed, shining skin is gleaned from something someone does or has done to them. Something like a really, really good facial.  And they would would be eager to know what it was because they would want it done, too.

You look great!   Your skin looks great!  You been doing more Bikram these days?  Eating better?  Are you still running?

I’ve had these questions in the pass few months as I meet up with friends and family I haven’t seen in a long while. Friends and family who are aware of my journeys away to be alone and with Him.

Funny how no one ever looks at my refreshed skin, improved physical appearance, fitness or health and says, Hey you talked with God today?  Seems to be doing you good.  You look great.  Skin shines.

But not many have said so or guessed that it is because of my deepened relationship with Jesus that I am, to them at least, looking good. In fact many who are closest to me have seen that deepened relationship as one that has changed me but not for the better. Interesting.

I guess what I hear the Spirit suggesting today is that when God lights us from within and people notice, it is our chance to glorify Him.  No, I will delightfully respond if another asks what I am doing or had done to look good, no it isn’t a facial, isn’t more Bikram.  Its more God.

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  1. hmslee says:

    Amen, my friend. I have been telling people this for the last couple of months. I cannot tell you what letting go of “the process” and pleasing only my Lord, who is already pleased with me, has done for my whole being. My face, my attitude, my soul.

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