NOW…take stock of NOW to be able to glorify

54 Jesus therefore no longer walked about openly among the Jews, but went from there to a town called Ephraim in the region near the wilderness; and he remained there with the disciples.  John 11:45-54

The eternity of NOW and how living in the NOW is the only way to really live my life following and glorifying Him.  This is what the Spirit is reminding me of this morning after reading the gospel story describing the rejection of Jesus by his own people.

Jesus took stock of the situation – a reality check of sorts – and in this moment, the NOW, he moved on and past and by.  He  hadn’t finished his work – in God’s time, after all – and instead of defending himself against the mounting charges, instead of taking the Pharisees on, getting in their face, inflaming and inciting, he slips away.

In order to enlighten, not inflame, to allow the Word to reach all the people, he quietly moves away from those threatened by his presence, those who were to condemn him, from those who found him a problem to the status quo, who couldn’t hear what he was proclaiming, and least of all see who he was.  Jesus moves quietly away from the pulpit and street corner.  NOW was not the time to incite.  Jesus took stock of the NOW, didn’t push back, didn’t try to control or change it – not right yet.  Not time.

That’s where I am today.  In the NOW.  No more push back.  No more trying to control.  No more resistance to what is.  I can’t live fully or authentically or in and through Him if I am not living in the NOW, and living it, gratefully. This is the only way to glorify Him and give Him the respect and love I want so much to give.

Praise Him – I do.

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