For You

This video of a sermon from a series on living WITH GOD was shared with me today from a follower of this blog.  I am sharing it with and for you because it captures about everything I’ve ever considered or written about during the season of disorientation that lead me into a deeper personal relationship with my God and His Word.  A season that directed me to reflecting upon His Word in community via a blog and with you.  By the Spirit I was led here and here the Spirit continues to speak.  Today, with the words and reflections of Nancy Ortberg, wife and ministry partner to Pastor John Ortberg of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church.

All the threads of my journey which I’ve expressed over the past few years are woven throughout – the Psalter, Brueggemann’s ideas of orientation, disorientation, lament, praise, authentic living, faithfulness, falling upward, church, community, truth, God in the details, pauses, safe place for truth telling, the Holy Spirit, light in the darkness, worship, moving through the pain to a deeper relationship with Him, letting God, wholeness, holy, awe and anger, comfortable spirituality, sure foundation, life lived in the broad place which holds tensions, God’s time.

Because I am yet called to listening, I’m not going to add anything to what Nancy Ortberg proclaims and prays for us, here.  Her reflection blessed me.  I trust it will bless you, too.

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