Do you hear what I hear?

IMG_0969I hear the Holy Spirit in so many popular song lyrics – all genres, too…not just gospel or praise or hymns or so-called “Christian” music, though there, too.

No, I hear the Holy Spirit so often in what are popularly known as love songs – songs that supposedly sing about the broken heart or the love found in another human being.  Songs about love and being known and not being alone – all referencing another person yearned for or yet, found.

But more often than not, what I hear is God singing to me, or about me, or about His love for me and all of us God loves.

Not always, but often.

And so it was this morning, as I woke to a query from a friend who read the post yesterday and asked, “So when are you coming home?”

And as I sat with that, I heard this song – a recent popular hit by last season’s American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips.  Now there is some paradox!  Needless to say, no idol worship came to mind  – the Spirit broke through and sang to me this morning with Phillip’s song, “Home.”

Imagine God singing this to me…to you…no matter where you are  – in a place you’ve always been or in a strange land.

Do you hear what I hear?


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